Fashion blogger Joicy

Fashion blogger Joicy


Joicy Muniz is a successful fashion blogger and journalist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her style is inspired by music and previous decades such as the 60’s and 70’s. She kindly took some time to answer a few questions, get inspired!


Please tell us a bit about your blog?

That is a long story. Everything started around 7-8 years ago when I was a journalism student. It was the year 2008 and blogs were not popular like today while fashion was not an important topic in my home city, Fortaleza. In my class I was the only one with a dream to have a career in fashion. My teacher knew this and encouraged me to start a blog, so I could begin practicing how to write interesting text about fashion and trends. I followed her advice and just began to write about things that I like, e.g. vintage styles from previous decades, artists, musicians and designers that changed the fashion industry. In the beginning I think it was just my parents and closest friends that knew about the blog.

After a while, people started commenting on my site and sending me emails about my posts – the positive feedback made me even more excited about working on the blog. Suddenly, I won an award for the best fashion blog and I was asked to give interviews for TV, magazines and newspapers. It was getting serious and I knew it was time to change some things, for example the layout and the type of posts I made. In the beginning, funnily enough, I did not post my own outfits, I was too shy, seriously! But when people started asking for pictures of my outfits, I gave in and posted some of my looks, which was very nice. Not only my followers liked the posts, also brands started contacting and asked if I was interested in wearing their clothes, everything was so new and so exciting for me. It’s fun to look back on now! A few years later, I travelled to New York, where I met my lovely Danish husband and, after some time with a long distance relationship, I moved to Denmark. So here I am and all I can say is that I love this country!


How does an average Friday for you look like? 

In the morning I wake up and eat a nice breakfast and maybe go for a run or to the gym. After this I start working, unless I have events to attend. In the night I enjoy being with my husband, sometimes we just prefer to stay home and relax with a nice movie or one of our million favorite series and other times we go for drinks and dancing or to a concert.


Can you give our readers some tips on how to become as successful as yourself? 

I think the one rule I have always followed is to be myself in everything I do. I never paid too much attention to what other people think about my style or how I see the world. I am a very passionate person with a million ideas that I cannot stop thinking about until I have tried to see if they work. I like to be excited and get inspired all the time. There is a quote from Iris Apfel that I love and it says: “You have to try it. You only have one trip, you’ve got to remember that.” So yeah, if there is something on your mind, try it! Do it! The worst thing that can happen is that you fail, and God, you have so many other chances!


How would you describe your personal style? 

I am what I feel. As I said before I am a very passionate person and I like to try different possibilities with each set of clothes. For example, on a bright and sunny day, I may want to use colors and prints – something fun. On dark and rainy winter days, I could prefer something more minimalistic and subtle, like all black or grey. But I always include something that makes the outfit special for me, like a cool accessory. In general, my style is highly inspired by music, which is easy to see in both my outfits and on my blog. I am obsessed with previous decades (which is the reason why my blog got named Vintage Guide), I especially love the 60’s and 70’s and their trends are imprinted in my style. You might think it’s crazy, but I like put on some nice clothes, look in the mirror and think about a song that matches with my outfit.


And how would you describe the Danish style? 

It is amazing how beautiful the Danish style is! Since I moved here I have tried to adapt some of the characteristics into my style. It is a very minimalistic style, but still with a lot of care for the small details – simple and elegant. Also, it is typically made practical because Danes love to use bikes as their main transport, so everything needs to be comfortable, simple and chic at the same time. And the Danish brands know exactly how to make it work!


What's your favourite hangout in Copenhagen? 

I like to go many places, but if I need to choose one, I would probably say Vestebro. The district is popular among the hip young people, which means it is full of cool restaurants, small vintage stores, bars and street art, which I love! Every time I go there, I always end up finding a new place that I did not visit before, but that I will definitely go to again. 


Do you have a style icon? 

I think I have many… hehe

I love Vivienne Westwood, she is true role model. I have been fascinated by her since I was a teenager when I started to learn about punk rock, her first creations, her style, everything was a great inspiration for me. I also like musicians, because they have so amazing, unique styles, like Jim Morrison and David Bowie. Lastly I would mention Kate Moss, she just oozes style in everything she does.


Can you give us some of your beauty tips? 

Hmmmm, let me think. First of all, I try to drink a lot of water, because it cleanses both your body and skin. Another thing I do to keep my skin nice and fresh is to wash my face with cold water (at least when it is not freezing cold outside, haha). This was actually a tip I got from a make-up artist and it works perfectly. Of course, I also always keep a good skin cream in my bag.


What's the most memorable job/story you've done up to date?

I think it was when I was on the cover of two magazines in Brazil. It was not something I actively was looking to do, but suddenly I got the opportunity and I was so proud when I stood with the magazine in my hand and saw myself on the front page. This experience gave me great confidence about myself in the fashion industry. This year I am expecting something really exciting to happen, for now I need to keep this secret for myself, sorry. But of course, if you keep an eye on my blog and insta you will know very soon! hehe


What's your favourite Nordic location? 

Without a doubt, Copenhagen. Everything is so organized here, but still the city has a great, cozy atmosphere (especially in summertime) with so many events and activities to go to, so there is never an excuse to be bored. People here are always ready to enjoy the city and life together!


To see more of Joicy, visit her website or follow her on Instagram @JoicyMuniz and Snapchat JoicyMuniz

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