Bath time!

Bath time!

Norwegian Hallstein Guthu enjoys a bath with a snack…


We love your idea of having breakfast in bath! How did this start?

It started out as the same true Saturday morning recovery that it is today. 

When working in London, we often went out for Friday beers. The “s” at the end is important here. At 11pm we were usually tired, and gave up.

Waking up the next morning was always tough. Luckily I - for the first time since I was a teenager - had a bathtub and a window in the bathroom. To recover in daylight, perfect-temperature water, with a little bite and smart cocktail turned out to be a wonderful way to start out the day. The text snippet is what flies through my weary head when entering the tub.


What is your favorite breakfast?

For the Sybaritic Breakfast I these days struggle to get away from my girlfriend´s sourdough pita-style rye bread. I also have a crush on red vermouths and amaros, and a French-Norwegian cheese called Munkeby. This all sounds very hipster, but it is how it is.

That said, breakfasts are like most other things, I guess; there is no ONE favourite as the best way is to be able to change depending on mood. Lots-of-people-with-bbq-meat-feast and all- alone-by-a-rocky-beach-with-sea-weed-and-a-sea-urchine both work for different moods.


Is there any background music?

It has happened. I´ve experimented with matching music to the food and drink - to create an atmosphere where also acoustics come into play. But I just found that it gets too complex. I sometimes have to remind myself that this is first and foremost a real pleasure-seeking experience, and if the set-up gets too challenging it becomes stressful and the idea of relaxation and absolute comfort is killed.

Lately I´ve had a severe crush on the dreamy music by Aurora, Agnes Obel, Guro von Germeten and Susanne Sundfør. I guess I have a slight preference toward the more twisted side of pop, jazz and contemporary. 


What do you do when you're not swimming?

Just these days I am setting up an architecture practice. It will be called Hallstein. Plain, simple and Nordic, I think. Starting from our kitchen counter with two wrinkled hands and an empty wallet this takes up much of my time. 

In addition I am a massive fan and consumer of Nordic crime books, and spend far to many late nights trying to force my eyes open and work my way through one more.

Finally food and drinks also rank high on my not-bathing-time-sheet.


What are your favorite Nordic places? 

 I am very fond of Copenhagen, and I hope to get to know Stockholm better this year as it seems I´ll get the chance to visit often. 

But Varanger fjord area is my absolute favourite. The bare terrain and the east-facing fjord give this area with some few thousand inhabitants very special light qualities and a peacefulness I cannot find anywhere else.


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Møns Klint

Møns Klint

Koloni - Stockholm

Koloni - Stockholm