Kasia's full house

Kasia's full house


Interior and lifestyle blogger Kasia run the popular blog My Full House. With over 70k followers on Instagram she sure knows what she's doing. She has very kindly taken some of her time to have a chat with Nordique and below shares some great tips with us!

How does a typical day in the life of Kasia look like?

I get up around 7 and get the kids ready for school/kindergarten. We are lucky to live right next to both institutions so it saves us at least an hour each morning and afternoon, compared to many big city parents. When the children are gone, around 8, I have my breakfast and double espresso. When my fiancé is working at home, we use this time to celebrate a quiet moment alone and talk about our challenges and everyday things.

I try to start working no later than 9, else I get too stressed.

Approximately 2 days a week I shop for fresh flowers and groceries at the market in the city centre. After quick shopping, depending on scheduled post, I use the best light to style and photograph.

If I am not travelling or having meetings, I edit the images, write posts, answer mails, schedule appointments etc. I also spend approximately 2 hours a day on administrating my Instagram account, that includes the weekends and holidays as well.

At 5 PM it’s time to pick up the children and spend some family time. We usually eat around 6:30 and that’s when you really can see (and hear) that My Full House is just what it says.

When kids are in beds, we like to watch TV and relax. On the days when my fiancé is working away from home (he travels a lot), I tend to spend a couple more hours on mails and blog.

You take some great pictures! Could you give us any tips on how to take such nice blog images?

Thank you! I am lifestyle, natural light photographer, meaning that I constantly look for natural light to work. It can be challenging, especially during the winter season, when it requires a lot more discipline in planning, but so far I think I manage ok.

When I photograph interiors, I usually use the tripod, which helps a lot, especially on cloudy days. When photographing smaller objects or food, I have my work station where I have the best light. If necessary I use reflectors, and I edit most of my images using Lightroom.

How would you describe Scandinavian style? What makes it stand out?

Scandinavian style is universal and timeless. It is easily adapted to any space and makes the perfect choice for people loving light and simple solutions. Scandinavian design’s main characteristics are best, natural materials and premium craftsmanship, providing the quality and longevity that can be enjoyed through decades. Scandinavian style brings people closer to nature and nature closer to people. It also brings people closer together - everyday- and transgeneration-wise.

What are your favorite Scandinavian brands?

Oh, these are many! I love the String Furniture for it’s world’s most universal shelving system that I happily use every single day, Oliver Furniture for best quality furniture that stand out in the most beautiful way, I love Danish porcelain from Royal Copenhagen or Lyngby, and great everyday solutions from Eva Solo. I truly enjoy the premium designs from Fritz Hansen. Louis Poulsen or, recently visited &tradition. And these are far from all my favorites.

Can you give any tips to our aspiring bloggers on how to become as successful as yourself?

Don’t ever compromise on your dreams. Do what you believe in, in the way you feel is best. Don’t be afraid to go the other direction than the crowd. Be prepared for a lot of wonderful but hard work.

Your food pictures makes us really hungry! What's your favorite meal on a summer's day?

I love eating and choosing just one meal is simply impossible. If we are talking summer, and I can start with a juicy steak accompanied by light vegetable and fruit salad and a glass of cold white wine, finished off with some ice cream and espresso, then we could be close to perfection.

What are your favorite flowers?

Instagram doesn't lie - right now it must be peonies...

Where is your favorite Nordic destination?

The wonderful Copenhagen.

To see more of Kasia, visit her blog www.my-full-house.com or follow her on Instagram @my_full_house

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