Home styling with Birgitte

Home styling with Birgitte


The lovely Birgitte Vosper from Copenhagen, Denmark below gives us some great home styling inspiration. She started her own business, Busy Bees, and now works as a Home stager/Home stylist.

Birgitte Vosper

Birgitte Vosper


You work with home styling/interior design, could you please explain more about what you do?

My main thing is staging homes for sale. The biggest part of my business is furnishing and styling empty homes for sale. Empty homes are not very inspiring. When you are on the lookout for a new house, you want to fall in love with the property. You want to be able to imagine yourself living there. I create those feelings in my work. I add just enough furniture / art / rugs / accessories to complement the room but without removing the focus from the actual property for sale. 

It’s not just about placing a sofa in a room - it’s about feeling the atmosphere and finding out which style looks the best. Is the property old or new - do I use staging to hide the fact that they haven’t painted the house or do I draw attention to the newly laid floors and a shiny white kitchen? Every job is different and I love finding just the right things to make the house pop!

I have a large storage unit full of furniture, rugs, paintings, candles, vases, bedspreads and lots and lots of cushions. Nothing can lift a room like the right textiles - especially cushions and rugs. 

Another thing I do is furnishing apartments for expats coming to live in Denmark. I receive a budget from the agency dealing with a company and I choose the furniture, accessories and everything down to the last teaspoon. I love finding the best things to make the expats feel at home in Denmark. I like using my husband’s photos as artwork. My English husband is a photographer and he’s fascinated with the Danes and their bikes. He’s got tons of photos of Copenhagen - but not just the usual turiting shots - the quirky cafés, streets and a most of those images have bikes in them.



What gets you inspired?

I use Instagram a lot. I especially look north to Norway and Sweden for inspiration. Many of the Swedish stylists are amazing. I also look at magazines but by the time I read about something in a magazine I have already seen it several times on Instagram! I am an Instagram-addict! I wish I could save pictures as inspiration - but that’s only possible on Pinterest. I don’t use Pinterest that much as a lot of the pictures comes from America and that’s doesn’t inspire me as much.


How and when did you find your talent for home styling?

I have always been interested in home styling. I got involved in styling when living abroad. When returning to Denmark after 10 years as an expat, I found it too restricting working in an office. I missed my freedom and my creativity. I started a home styling business focusing on property sales. It wasn’t very used in Denmark at the time (5 years ago) and it took a long time before it became more accepted to style your home for sale. In the beginning my main clients were home sellers looking for an independent view on their home but now my biggest turnover is vacant styling. 


How would you describe typical Danish design?

Simple, light and easy to understand. I love the simplicity of Danish Design. There’s nothing there that doesn’t need to be there. I love that. It’s very understated. I love how much nature means in Danish Design. I love the use of fur, leather, wood and other natural materials.



We know there are some amazing Danish designers, do you have any favorites?

Yes, for children I love Oliver Furniture. Their stuff is so beautiful and very cute. For soft furnishing I have a crush on Linum Design, Cozy Living and Mette Ditmer. 



Can you please give us some tips on how to create a warm/cosy living room?

Always have a lush rug under your sofa and lots of cushions. Textiles are cosy. It’s a close call which is more important - the lighting or the textiles. Soft lighting spread evenly around the room is important - along with candles. I don’t like a large central lamp hanging in the middle of the room - I’d rather have lighting in various areas of the room. It creates a nicer atmosphere.

I tend to change my cushions for the season. Light and airy in the spring and summer and lush warm colours for the autumn along with a warm heavy throw. It’s fairly easy to season a living room. Try to keep the sofa a neutral colour and play with the wall colour and textiles. A single wall in a warm darker colour makes me want to snuggle up and relax - and when you get sick of it - repaint - it’s as simple as that. Don’t be afraid of colours. 


What are your favorite things about Denmark?

  • The trust and honesty in general. Having lived abroad I cherish the fact that I can trust what people tell me (most of the time) 
  • I love my first massive ice cream eaten in the sunshine after a long winter
  • The yellow rapeseed fields
  • Drinking chilled rose wine with friends on those long light summer evenings
  • I don’t love anything about the winter :-)


What is your favorite place to visit in Denmark?

The beaches along the north of Sealand - Hornbæk, Gilleleje, Tisvildeleje. I love the long stretches of sand and the great relaxed atmosphere

I love the summerhouse areas as well. It always makes me think of Postman Pat movies. It seems so idyllic and almost unreal. I am fascinated and riding a bike through the Danish summer landscape on the way to the beach is just the best feeling ever!


How do you enjoy spending your free time?

I have 7 year old twins so I tend to hang out a lot with my kids’ friends and their parents (who are my friends) I meditate and I spend a lot of time with my husband walking  our dog. It’s the time where we chat and sort out our lives. We live in the country close to a beautiful lake. 


Before and after

Before and after


To see more of Birgitte’s work visit her website www.busybees.dk  

Facebook Busybeesdk or follow her on

Instagram @busy_bees_boligstyling 

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