Photography and documentaries with Icelandic Katrin

Photography and documentaries with Icelandic Katrin


Katrin Braga is an Icelandic photographer currently living in Vancouver, Canada. She’s done some beautiful work that’s been published in some very prestigious magazines in different parts of the world, such as Teen Vogue, Rolling Stones, VICE USA, DAZED, i-d Mexico and more. She’s shooting everything from fashion to portraits and has also done a series of documentaries. She recently had her short documentary “Homebound” premiered at Reykjavik Film Festival, which she directed.



How did you start your career as a photographer?

I first picked up a camera when I was around 16 years old, living in Reykjavik, when I found my father's old film camera in his storage room. It spiraled from there and I haven’t stopped shooting since then.


What are your main goals as a photographer?

To get to know people from all walks of life and to be able to work with amazing people and hopefully inspire others.


What is your most memorable job up to date?

I think my most memorable job was with School of Doodle, when I took photos of 15-20 teenagers with a collage of magazine snippets and words on their faces that fit their personality. It was super fun to work with young creatives and take their photos.


You've also done some great documentaries. Can you please tell us a bit more about that?

Yes! I recently just started getting into directing documentaries. The first film I directed is about my grandfather Kristjan Bjornsson, an ex-farmer and postman who has never left rural Iceland. It’s my most personal project to date and you can watch it here:


How would you describe your style?

Always evolving.


What are your favorite and least favorite things about growing up on Iceland?

My favorite thing about Iceland is the culture, nature and the people. Growing up surrounded by nature made a big impact and I think that shows in my work because most of my photoshoots involve nature in some form. My least favorite thing is how small it is, it’s very isolated and sheltered.


You're now based in Vancouver. How is life there compared to Iceland?

Life is more career oriented. Everybody is so busy all the time and barely have time to sit down and relax. The reason for that is that everything is so expensive so it’s hard to take time off. There are also more career opportunities for me here compared to Iceland and I love being in a warmer climate and be surrounded by trees. In Iceland, life is slower - people make more time for each other and enjoy sitting over a cup of coffee for hours. I really miss that way of living.


Do you think you will ever move back?

If I decide to start a family I think I will move back. It’s so safe there and I think it’s one of the best place to raise a child.


Do you have any unique Icelandic spots you can recommend us to visit?

I love the store Kiosk that is located on Laugavegur - which is our main shopping streets. It’s a store that is run by Icelandic designers where you can buy their unique designs.



To see more of Katrin visit her website  or follow her on Instagram @katrinbraga

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