Interview with TV-profile Andrea Brodin

Interview with TV-profile Andrea Brodin


The multitalented TV-profile Andrea Brodin from Stockholm, Sweden has a lot going on in her life. She has designed and sells her own home ware range of coasters, pillow cases, candles and more, she’s written a book, she blogs, designs, regularly appears on Swedish TV and is also expecting a child any day! Still, she managed to find some time to chat with us at Nordique..



You have a great blog at Swedish Metro Fashion. How did you start writing for them and can you tell us a bit about the blog?

I started blogging 5,5 years ago, mostly about interior decoration. Since 1,5 years I've been on which is a big platform for fashion and interiors. They have really let me be creative and through that my blog has extended to also cover fashion, travels, lifestyle and a bit of family life. It was a natural development since it was the only thing the blog readers wanted more of! And I like it, I can be more creative and show more aspects of my life. 


You can also be seen on various Swedish interior related TV shows. What was your first ever TV appearance?

My first ever appearance was probably when I was around 14 years old and competing in the European Championships with my pony, getting interviewed. 



How did you get in to working with TV?

I heard about this interior design show called "Homestyling". It was a show where you transformed houses and apartments by styling them, before selling them, thus getting a higher price. I called the production company and told them that I really wanted to be at the audition, and then I got the job! Since then I've been doing four different types of interior design shows, all in all over 40 episodes and right now I'm doing a dog show with my Jack Russel puppy. I'm also regularly on live-TV in the morning show TV4 Nyhetsmorgon reporting about interior design trends or style guiding. 


Where does your talent and passion for interior come from?

I think it was always there, but I didn't let it out until I was about 27 years old and had a too boring job at a communications department at a big company... I started renovating apartments on the side and one thing led to another. After some time I quit my job and continued with the creative path instead. And still loving it! 



You've also written a book about home styling. Can you give us your best tips on how to make our homes more amazing?

First - clean out! Recycle, regift, sell or just throw. We keep way to much clutter and stuff around. Secondly - check the lighting. It doesn't matter how fab your furniture/art/wall paint is if you don't have amazing lighting. Get help if it's difficult. You need at least six sources of light on different levels (floor, ceiling, table height) to create a great lightning. Third - keep it personal. No one likes a show room. Bring out your souvenirs, photos, memories and your grand parents old vase. 


How would you describe the style of your home?

A colourful and not so minimalistic mix of patterns, brass, art deco, the 60's. A lot of interior inspiration comes from my grand parents amazing apartment in Monaco in the late 60's early 70's. 



What is your proudest achievement?

That I can live of what I love doing. It's a blessing and I'm grateful everyday. 


What's the best thing with living in Sweden?

Many things! It's clean, safe, everything works, the big start-up scene and the way of looking at creative ideas/businesses, the closeness to nature, the kind and honest mentality and of course - cinnamon buns! 



Do you have any local tips on where to go and what to see?

Since I live in Stockholm I'd give you some tips from a local: Breakfast at Broms on Karlavägen, take a walk around Djurgården, visit the museum Waldermarsudde which is beautiful. Stop for lunch at Hotel Diplomat along the sea on the way back. Walk along the water to Fotografiska - a super cool photo art museum and then take the stairs up to "Söder". Have dinner at Gondolen, overlooking Stockholm. Not the trendiest but an amazing view and great food. And of course, have as many cinnabuns and saffron buns as possible. 



To see more of Andrea visit her blog at

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