Karlson Laith

Karlson Laith

Camilla Karlsson and Laithan Morisco-Tarr founded Anglo-Swedish watch brand Karlson Laith in 2015. Camilla is from the Swedish West Coast, while Laithan is from the UK. As a couple, and creative collaborators, they have created a wonderful range of timepieces that Nordique is delighted to stock. We met with Camilla and Laithan to discuss the collection, life in London, and what the future holds for this creative duo!  



Tell us more about Karlson Laith - how did this great collaboration start?

The concept of Karlson Laith as a brand was conceived during the summer of 2015 with a desire to create timepieces which reflect design elements from both of our home countries. Laithan has always had a keen interest in watches, so the idea to start our own brand of timepieces was a perfect way to continue this interest.


How would you describe your design and where do you find your inspiration?

The two mission statements of Karlson Laith are ”Effortless Elegance” and ”Intelligent Minimalism”. Taking these two statements in consideration, we aimed to create a timepiece which has no unnecessary complications (being as refined and simple as possible) and which reflects a classic style, while also containing many of the quality elements you would associate with a timepiece of much greater value.



What aspects of Nordic design have influenced the Karlson Laith timepiece collection?

Our timepieces definitely are reflective of the 'lagom' mentality (a Swedish concept of seeking perfection through having not too much, and not too little). We really wanted a timepiece which had an understated elegance, without being too complicated. Our grey and rose gold probably is the best visual representation of Nordic design that we provide.


Living in London, what do you love the most living in this vibrant city? Where are your favourite places to visit?

We live in South West London close to Richmond, and absolutely love the area. Our favourite places to visit here are mainly along the Thames (places such as Putney or Kew), Petersham Nurseries and Richmond Park, but our favourite activity is probably to visit the Barnes Farmers Market on Saturday morning to grab some fresh local produce for a tasty meal later that day.


Camilla – if there was one aspect of Swedish life or culture that you could bring to the UK what would it be and why?

The word lagom is a great word that is very useful to keep in mind in a busy big city as London, it means not too little, not too much. And of course having a fika or two!


Laithan – what do you enjoy most about visits to Sweden with Camilla?

The first thing I get when I land in Sweden is just how clean and fresh the air is. The scenery is beautiful, and I love the style of the houses. I love to visit as often as I can!


Now more about Karlson Laith, any exciting plans in the near future?

We have many ideas about where we want to take Karlson Laith in the future (new potential products, accessories for your watches and more), but you will just have to wait and see!



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Knarvik Church in Norway

Knarvik Church in Norway

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Stil Salon - Notting Hill