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Fika In Stockholm

Fika In Stockholm



Vete–Katten, in the Norrmalm district of central Stockholm offers a glimpse into
times gone by. A beautiful 'konditori' style cafe that has been serving loyal customers 1928, this makes for a wonderful place to experience true Swedish 'fika'!

The cafe was founded by Ester Nordhammar, and the names reputedly comes from her initial, spontaneous response when asked what the cafe would be called. 'Vete katten' (literally 'the cat knows') is a Swedish saying that equates to the English 'God knows' - when you have no idea of the answer to the question asked!

Vete–Katten really is a Stockholm institution – past clientele include legendary actress Greta Garbo. It is now owned by master pastry chef Johan, who has worked at there for nearly 20 years. A must visit for n authentic Swedish fika experience! 

Address: Kungsgatan 55, Norrmalm, Stockholm.  Website:


Fabrique - Stenugnsbakeri

Are you looking for the tastiest cinnamon buns in Stockholm? Well look no further than Fabrique Stenungsbageri. Now with eleven bakeries across the city, we love the store near Mariatorget park in the trendy Södermalm district. This beautiful bakery and cafe has a laid back vibe in a stripped back, stylish industrial setting. They have even expended to London, with stores in Shoreditch, Notting Hill and Covent Garden!

Address: Rosenlundsgatan 28, Stockholm. Website:


Drop Coffee

Swedes love their coffee. In fact they drink the second highest amount of coffee per person of any country in the world (after the Finns!). So if the Swedes recommend a place for the quality of the coffee on offer you know it must be good! Drop Coffee really is a place for coffee connoisseurs. Founded in Stockholm in 2009 as a small coffee van, they now have a cafe in Mariatorget, and the roastery in Västberga supplies cafes and restaurants with coffee worldwide.

Adress: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, Stockholm. Website:

Interview with TV-profile Andrea Brodin

Interview with TV-profile Andrea Brodin

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