Swedish interior blogger Frida

Swedish interior blogger Frida

Frida Ramstedt based in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a full time interior blogger and is the founder and owner of Scandinavia’s most read interior design blog, Trendenser. Her blog has an amazing 14 000 daily visitors and an average of 205 000 unique visitors a month! Along with her blog Frida also gets hired on a regular basis as a lecturer regarding trends, social media and as a business owner. As you can probably see she is a busy woman and we are very happy she’s taken some time to answer a few questions from Nordique.



How and when did you start your beautiful blog Trendenser?

I started my blog in 2005, so I have been working on it for almost 12 years now. At first it was a way for me to prove my interest for interior design when I applied for different jobs after my degree in business and marketing but after hand it turned out to become my day job and pay job and nowadays I do it full time. Its lots of hard work but also lots of fun!

You won an award from Elle Decoration, congratulations! How did it happen and how was the experience?

It was a blast. I never thought I’d win it since there are so many talented bloggers out there nowadays. But thanks to my devoted readers I was awarded Interior Blog of the Year 2016 and yesterday I got the news that I was running for the final and top 10 in Interior Blog of the Year 2017 as well. It feels surreal but I’m very happy and proud. 



How does your average Monday look like?

I never ever have average Mondays :) And that’s what I appreciate most with my job. I never get bored or tired of doing the same things over and over again. 


Where does your passion and talent for interior design come from? 

From my mother and grandmother. They were both very interested in Scandinavian designers and art and brought me to different stores and fairs as a kid. 



How would you describe the typical Swedish interior style?

Light and bright with blonde wood and lots of Scandinavian (and sustainable) design classics. 

Do you have any favorite Nordic designers? 
Hans Wegner, Nirvan Richter and Lena Bergström


What would your dream home be like? 

Calm and peaceful, decorated with sustainable furniture that will last forever and only become more beautiful with their age. 



Where is your favorite Swedish location? 

Norrland (the northern parts of Sweden) with lot’s of snow and a beautiful scenery in the winter as well as the very southern parts (Österlen in Skåne) during the summer. 


Do you have a local hangout?

I don’t enjoy travelling anymore so I rather stay in Sweden than go abroad during my vacations so I’d say Kafferosteriet in Österlen or our family’s cottage in Hemavan/Tärnaby. Two beautiful places in Sweden. 




To see more of Frida check out her blog at www.trendenser.se and follow her on Instagram @trendenser

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