Veera with the dream job

Veera with the dream job


Ever dreamed of travelling the world for a living? Well, meet professional travel blogger Veera Bianca from Helsinki, Finland!



When and how did you decide to start your lovely blog? 

I started my blog first in 2008 to share about my adventures in the Australian countryside with friends and family. I continued blogging through my Tourism studies and eventually built a career around it – though it was never the plan to start with.


How does one become as successful as yourself?

Oh, first of all, you make me blush! But I've always been a hard worker (it's past midnight, been on the computer since 8am...), but the true key to my success is the way I've used social media to create a strong personal brand and to share the journey with like-minded people. In the end, the best way to succeed is to help others to succeed too. 


What is your most memorable trip? 

This has to be the most difficult question there is – each and every trip holds so many memories. But I must say there's something special about my solo trip to Shanghai for a long weekend some years back. I just remember how grateful I felt sitting by my hotel window and staring at the city skyline all alone so far away from home. And my trip to Shanghai was the beginning of so many things I do nowadays.


Your choice of food looks amazing! What is your ideal meal?

Now you are making me hungry, and it's waaay past dinnertime haha! I love to eat healthy and vegan (though not 100%), so my ideal lunch would probably be a massive hearty bowl of dark leafy green salad with sweet potato and beans, with a side of a a green smoothie. I just love all things green – but yes, I got to admit, I also like donuts! 


What do you do to relax?

I probably should do something about it sometime soon to be honest, hah! I spend way too much time working, but I like to watch silly TV shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (shh...don't tell anyone, this is truly a secret pleasure) if I ever get the time.
I best relax on long flights actually, as there's rarely Wi-Fi, so I can just catch up on some movies and edit photos and write. 


How do you party?

With champagne, of course! ;) I'm no longer much of a party-girl-dance-all-night-kind-of-girl, but I do like going out to catch up with friends over a glass (or a bottle) of wine.


Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

I do! I have just left my apartment and now call my suitcase my home. My goal is to find some kind of a balance in this crazy life, to keep up with work and not to stress about too many things. As I will spend a lot of time alone on the road the rest of the year, I hope to get to know my silly thoughts a bit better too. You know, to go to Asia to find myself as any proper cliché travel blogger should ;) 

What's your favorite thing about Finland?

Now as I spend more time abroad, I have started to find the things I love about the country I come from. Finland is extremely safe, and in todays world that is truly a great asset. And I love the Finns, though they may not be superstars of small talk or smile to you on the street, they are often the kindest and most loyal people you'll come across. 


Where is your top Scandinavian destination?

Stockholm – no doubt about it! It's a magical city of beautiful people, fabulous trendy cafes and restaurants and it's just all in all a fine side of life



See more of Veera at and follow her on Instagram @veerabianca

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