Interview with Finnish artist Varpu

Interview with Finnish artist Varpu


We are very excited to introduce our latest art addition in store, designed and made by talented Finnish textile print designer and artist Varpu Kronholm. Get to know a bit more about Varpu, her work and Finland, as we’ve had the pleasure to ask her a few questions.



You're a very talented artist! How did you start?

Thank you! My background is in fashion design actually. I was working in the industry for a couple of years but then wanted to pursue my own path to follow my fascination with print and artwork. I guess it all started with a pen and paper!


How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I try to stay open-minded and keep on experimenting with new techniques. I enjoy combining hand drawn/painted style with digital elements or processing. Lately I’ve developed quite a crush on watercolours.



What inspires you?

Hailing from Finland I’ve always been inspired by Marimekko prints, I feel that the boldness translates into my work. Nature and everything botanical is a massive inspiration as well. But I get inspired by everything in my daily surroundings, from rusty textures at train stations to geometrically laid pavement tiles. 


Where is your favorite workspace?

I usually work from my home studio but my favorite would be our family summer cottage in Finland where I usually spend some time in the summer. Nothing beats sketching on the dock by the lake!


What do you do when you're not working?

I train a lot of physical skills like gymnastics, climbing and taekwondo. I enjoy music a lot, mainly listening and going to a gig/concert every now and then, and sometimes strumming my guitar.



What does the rest of 2016 hold for you? 

Mainly working, planning on some new projects!


What makes Finland special to you?

Friends and family of course, and the sauna! Such a cliché but I really miss the sauna. Also the nature, forests and lakes, changing of the seasons. Lately I’ve been channeling my longing for the Nordic landscapes into the “Change of Scenery” art series. 


What is your favorite Finnish food and drink?

Cinnamon buns and salmiac! And all the berries. My auntie’s partner makes this amazing sea-buckthorn liquor for Christmas, it’s so delicious. 


Can you give us some of your best tips of what to see and do when visiting Finland?

I’d recommend visiting my hometown Turku, it’s lovely especially in the summer and there are a lot of very nice restaurants and bars that have been popping up recently. From there you can also do a trip to the beautiful archipelago.



To buy some of Varpu’s amazing art, click here

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