Healthy Baking With Marja Folcke

Healthy Baking With Marja Folcke


Marja Folcke is the owner of Bake Sugar Free (Baka Sockerfritt), where she takes her love of baking to create delicious and healthy treats! Marja lives in Nacka, just outside Stockholm, together with her husband and 1 year old son. 

Nordique have had the pleasure to ask her some questions and to learn more about healthy baking!


What was your inspiration for starting "Bake Sugar Free"? - Is baking something you always had passion for or did this develop at a later stage?

"I have always loved to bake! When I was younger, it was only more unhealthy pastries with lots of sugar that I baked. During high school, I started to become more interested in healthy eating, and therefore I stopped baking. I simply believed (like so many others) that healthy eating and baking were two things that were not compatible with each other.

After a few years I got bored of not baking, so I decided to see if I could create some sugar free, lighter baking recipes - and "Bake Sugar Free" was born! At that time (almost five years ago) healthy baking was miles from where we are today, and I am so glad that awareness of health and the effects of sugar have increased."

Where has your business taken you so far and what do you enjoy most about “Bake Sugar Free”? 

"I run 'Bake Sugar Free' alongside some social media and PR activities that I carry out for a couple of other companies. There is so much that I love about my business! First, I get to do what I enjoy doing, which is a luxury that not everyone gets to experience. Moreover, it is flexible, which fit me like a glove - I'm not a "nine to five"  person."

What is your favourite item to bake and why? 

"A couple of weeks ago I made such a great and healthy version of a "Twix" bar! It must be one of my absolute best recipe simply because it tastes so good!"

How easy is it to bake without sugar and gluten, and CAN people try this at home for Classic Creations? Are there any That Particular ingredients are essential for your recipes? 

"It is super easy! If you have never done this before, I would recommend in the beginning starting from existing recipes for healthy cakes. The ingredients often behave a bit different than what you're used to. For example, almond flour vs wheat flour, stevia or sukrin vs normal sugar, but the baking is rarely difficult. The ingredients that I often use you to can get in any supermarket, some may be more difficult but not impossible to find - try specialist health stores or online. 

Some ingredients that I use a lot are: almond and nuts, flour made from nuts, stevia (or other similar sweetening) and stevia chocolate. Even products such as eggs, butter, cream and fruit is widely used in my recipes."

Do you find That people in Sweden have become more open to explore healthier eating options? Does this apply to baking too? 

"I think that awareness of health and sugar has increased substantially in recent years. The supply of "alternative" foods to baking, wholefoods cafes / restaurants etc have increased. This has had a real impact on baking culture. Most still want to enjoy a little sweet treat now and again but in a more health conscious way and are open to try something more healthy than traditional bakes." 

Our readers always love to know about places to visit in Sweden. Where do you love to visit and why?

"I rarely travel in Sweden, and in most cases only to my husband's parents' country place. I must say though that I feel best in Stockholm! The reason for that is that I want to be relatively close to everything (I live in the suburb of Nacka) -  I do not like when it's all too calm and not something to do in the area."

And are there any great health-orientated cafes or restaurants That you would recommend in Stockholm?

"There are many healthy cafés that I like! Take for example the food market “Paradiset” where there is a focus on health and organic food. Try the one in the Södermalm district - the ground floor and half of the upper floor is a food market / business and the rest of the area is restaurants. There are plenty of good and health conscious cafes and restaurants in Södermalm but there is also a great place in Östermalm called Little Echo."

You can find all of Marjas creations on Baka Sockerfritt - All recipes are in Swedish but just use google translate :)

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